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What it Takes to Better Know Your Patients

Posted by88优德手版在3/2/21上午8:00

With healthcare data constantly flowing in from multiple sources, how are providers supposed to best organize patient information within their EHR? Truly knowing your patient population starts by finding a means of aggregating scattered data and then funneling it into a convenient and organized system.

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Posted by88优德手版在1/27/21下午5:52


They say no one can read the future. But if you read the Federal Register and rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), you can get a fairly good idea of what the near future holds for healthcare policy.

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Wearable Health Devices – Futuristic Focal Point or Forgettable Fad?

Posted by88优德手版在201:13/20 2:13

How many times have you taken a few extra steps to close that exercise ring on your Apple Watch®? Have you ever put on a portable BP cuff to determine what your blood pressure reading is? As people everywhere continue to become more involved in their own health, wearable health devices will continue to play an integral role in healthcare.

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Wearables, Trackers and healow…Oh My!

Posted byHeather Caouetteon 4/22/15 8:59 AM

Recently, we宣布一些激动人心的发展与Healow(健康和在线健康)患者订婚平台 - 与业界领先的可穿戴设备和健身跟踪器集成。现在可以使用,消费者可以从这些设备中有数据无缝集成到他们的PHR中Healow..comand the healow mobile application as well as be available to that person’s medical provider.

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