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One Key for 2021: Staying Focused on Patients

Posted by88优德手版on 2/2/21 3:08 PM

Stability, continuity of care, and outstanding service matter

National Patient Recognition Week occurs each year during the first week of February, coinciding with another popular event — Groundhog Day. This year, we imagine that winter’s duration is probably not the first thing on the minds of providers and patients. They’re more likely to be asking how much longer the COVID-19 crisis will last!

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Essential Strategies to Improve Healthcare

Posted by88优德手版on 7/1/19 2:45 PM

Communication & Connectivity

With value-based care the new standard in medicine, attention is increasingly focused on what healthcare organizations can do to improve Patient Engagement. A clear strategy for retaining patients and attracting new ones is a key part of delivering consistent, quality care.

一位杰出的EHR至关重要但不够。公关oviders today must respond to patients’ demands for convenience and access — including online portals and telemedicine.

Successful engagement comes from a commitment toclear, effective communication. That requires paying attention to thetechnological and human sidesof the patient encounter.

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Patient Engagement in New York City

Posted by88优德手版on 6/12/17 10:16 AM

Do you live in a busy urban area? Do you work in healthcare? Do you multitask?

If you said yes to the first two, we can guarantee you said yes to the third.

Riverdale Family Practice(RFP) knows firsthand what busy is. Marking their 30th year in the Kingsbridge/Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, New York, RFP serves more than 35,000 people — young and old, rich and poor, from every corner of their neighborhood — which in the Bronx means from every corner of the globe.

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