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Posted by88优德手版on 3/16/21 4:17 PM

eClinicalWorks has all the elements you need

True invention is hard, but imagine transportation without the wheel, construction without nails, or literacy without the printing press. Each of those things was built on moments of inspiration, years of effort, and the slow accumulation of technology and knowledge. And the path to today’s technology-rich world is a very long one indeed, stretching from the alchemists of the Middle Ages to Benjamin Franklin’s kite to the integrated circuit.

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Posted by88优德手版on 2/25/21 5:22 PM

Development was only the first step

一旦2020年代初,Covid-19大流行病的规模和严重程度明确,谈话开始关注发育疫苗的挑战。过去的一年看到了前所未有的努力,开发和部署安全有效的疫苗,以控制现在宣称全球250万人生活的病毒 - 以及美国超过500,000人。

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Putting the Pieces Together for Quality Healthcare

Posted by88优德手版on 1/29/21 9:02 AM

There are few things as satisfying as placing the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle in the correct spot.


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Posted by88优德手版on 11/12/20 4:28 PM

From rural health centers to urban clinics and everywhere in-between, eClinicalWorks®and healow®正在帮助实践重新发明自己以面对新出现的挑战,并为患者提供优质的护理。

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Posted by88优德手版on 10/7/20 4:07 PM

患者正忙碌,往往没有时间坐在持有或找到与他们忙碌的时间表相匹配的预约时间。这是一个安全和安全的在线预约预约方法,如Healow®开放访问®comes in.

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这是你的练习 - 梦想大!

Posted by88优德手版on 9/9/20 5:10 PM

Remember, Project Kickstart is here to help

Once upon a time, you dreamed of medical school. You knew that would be hard to achieve. And it was. But you being you, there was always其他梦想 - 开启自己的医疗实践。

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Posted by88优德手版于7月1日5:44 PM

Today, digitizing your front office doesn’t have to be a struggle. Utilizing a comprehensive set of tools can help improve workflows and make for a seamless and efficient experience for both patients and staff.

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Getting Online with Patient Engagement

Posted by88优德手版on 5/21/18 9:18 AM

Let’s Talk about Excellence!

At Prime Care Family Practice of Prince George, Virginia, things were going well. Having worked with eClinicalWorks since 2012, the practice had an excellent healthcare IT partner. Providers were seeing 600 patients each week. The phones were busy.

但2016年初,Amar Shah博士认识到他的患者订婚策略的严重缺陷:这是关于电话的。


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