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A New Year Brings a Fresh Start with eClinicalWorks V11.50

Posted by88优德手版在1/7/21 18点

You know that feeling you get when you replace your microwave oven, buy a bigger TV, or finally decide to get a new car? What you had was very good, and you were comfortable with it. But after a few days or weeks of the new model, you can’t believe what you were missing!

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eClinicalWorks: Taking Care of the Caretakers

Posted by88优德手版on 12/8/20 3:47 PM


There are few things more complex than the world of healthcare. But look beyond all the talk about procedures, technology, workflows, rules, and reimbursements and you’ll find patients and providers who share a few simple goals: They want to maintain and restore health. They want to build personal relationships. And they want tools and technologies that support the caring that is the most important part of healthcare — for patients and providers alike.

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Posted by88优德手版on 7/31/20 11:36 AM


Given how few EHRs meet all those criteria, it is not surprising that62% of practiceshave switched EHRs at least once.

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AI and the Future of Healthcare

Posted by88优德手版on 2/7/20 8:00 AM

Where are the flying cars?

It’s 2020. We’re already well into the 21st century. By now, wasn’t artificial intelligence supposed to have given us flying cars, replicators to produce our favorite foods on demand, and a society in which everyone enjoyed luxury, ease, and good health?

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Why Choosing the Right EHR Helps Practice Growth

Posted by88优德手版on 1/15/20 8:00 AM

So, your practice has been doing well. You’ve got more patients, happy clients, and superb care. As your practice continues to grow, it’s fair to question whether or not your current EHR is capable of providing you with the tools and help necessary for a smooth transition.

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Essential Strategies to Improve Healthcare

Posted by88优德手版on 7/1/19 2:45 PM


With value-based care the new standard in medicine, attention is increasingly focused on what healthcare organizations can do to improve Patient Engagement. A clear strategy for retaining patients and attracting new ones is a key part of delivering consistent, quality care.

An outstanding EHR is essential but not enough. Providers today must respond to patients’ demands for convenience and access — including online portals and telemedicine.

Successful engagement comes from a commitment to清晰,有效的沟通。That requires paying attention to thetechnological and human sides患者遭遇。

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Posted by88优德手版于5/29/19上午8:00


But most revolutions look nothing like that. Instead, they develop over time, shaped by long-term societal trends and changing consumer demands and expectations.

Therise of urgent care centers in the U.S.is an example. From modest beginnings in the 1970s, the growth of urgent care has accelerated from steady to extraordinary. A 2017 report by MarketsandMarkets™ estimates that the value of the U.S.urgent care market will reach $16 billion by 2023

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An Integrated EHR to Advance Chiropractic Education and Practice

AtPalmer College of Chiropractic, our mission is to promote learning, deliver healthcare, engage our communities, and advance knowledge through research. We are the first and largest chiropractic college, with more than 2,000 students and 158 faculty members, across 10 clinics. Our academic program is designed to blend theory with hands-on clinical skills designed to prepare our students for success.

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How Cloud Technology Rescued Big Sur Island

Posted bySharen Carey,大核保健中心执行董事在12/12/18上午7点

As the only full-service healthcare facility for a 100-mile stretch of California’s Central Coast,大仓卫生中心必须为预期的准备,意外和一切之间。对于所有天然的辉煌,大素也是危险之地,野火,暴雨和恒定的地震威胁。

In 2008, the Basin Complex Fire burned over 130,000 acres, forcing the evacuation of most of the community. We quickly put all our medical and financial records into boxes ready to move to a safe location. Later, when we were debriefing, we asked ourselves: What would have worked better? What is our number one priority in upgrading our emergency preparedness plan? We concluded anElectronic Medical Record System是答案。

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How to Minimize Physician Burnout Using Scribe

Posted by88优德手版on 11/2/18 11:00 AM

对于当今繁忙的医生,寻找速度工作流程的方法而不牺牲准确,质量护理对于满足患者的需求至关重要。根据2018年7月,研究人员在斯坦福大学医学院进行的研究人员进行的研究,55 percent reported symptoms of burnout。该研究发现,医生倦怠是医疗错误的重要因素,作为不安全的医疗工作场所条件 - 如果不是更多的话。

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Making Connections on Saturday

Posted by88优德手版on 10/6/18 5:10 PM

The thousands of eClinicalWorks customers who came to Nashville this weekend expected to hear about improvements to the core EHR, see some new products and services, renew friendships, and have some fun.

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Posted by88优德手版2017年12月21日上午6:36


根据这些数字,小型和独立的医疗实践是为了灭绝而领导。But in Marquette, Michigan — on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula — the husband and wife team of Dr. Christopher Dehlin and Dr. Jennifer Dehlin are demonstrating that there’s a place for smaller medicine, even in an age of consolidation and managed care.

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Posted by88优德手版on 8/21/17 6:07 AM

Great Work on the Great Plains

他们说,在生意中,就像在生活中,你就不能做一切。你不能拥有它。但有时候,只是尝试效果很好。这就是南达科他州沃特敦的棕色诊所的情况,工作人员已经证明了一个相对较小的医疗实践并不意味着您必须限制您提供的内容 - 或者您可以开发的医疗保健IT专业知识。

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Posted by88优德手版2017年6月5日12:35 PM

Can interoperability defeat the asymmetry beast?

在医疗保健,问题不是太多的数据— providers want to know everything they can about individual patients and patient populations — but how to make sense of it all. For many years, medical professionals have devoted countless hours and legions of people to sorting and sifting medical records.

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Posted by88优德手版on 5/22/17 9:03 AM

If there’s anything more difficult than developing healthcare IT, it’s implementing it. And we’re not talking here about the developers and trainers at companies such as eClinicalWorks whose job it is to teach the software to clients. We mean how clients themselves adapt to rapidly changing technology.

eClinicalWorks focuses a lot of time and attention on training. But the best trainer in the world cannot be certain that clients understand the tools they use every day until they demonstrate confidence in the use of new technologies, and show that they are thinking differently about processes and workflows.

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