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Dr. Kenneth LeCroy says his family primary care practice, Lighthouse Family Medicine, often has nurse practitioner students who are eager to know what each patient’s diagnosis is. As much as diagnoses matter, Dr. LeCroy offers these students a broader perspective.

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What’s FHIR and How Will It Drive Healthcare Interoperability?

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People everywhere will turn to online marketplaces like Amazon®or eBay®购买朋友和家人的礼物。现在,如果这些公司决定只允许通过单一浏览器和特定类型的移动设备访问,那么令人沮丧。


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如何更好地理解健康的好处哒ta Standards

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As the lights dim and you begin crunching on some buttery popcorn, the theater is illuminated by a forest green screen. After the first trailer ends, the screen changes to a dark red. The words on the screen say that it’s been approved for a restricted audience only.


In the same way that the MPAA has used their rating system to try and make the film industry better, so have标准开发组织(SDOS)创建了健康数据标准,以改善医疗组织与其电子健康记录(EHR)系统之间的互操作性。

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Closing the Data Gap to Improve Outcomes

Posted by88优德手版on 12/11/19 12:00 PM

‘Awash in data, ankle deep in information’

Modern healthcare generates seemingly endless amounts of data, from Progress Notes, exams, and lab tests, to emergency room visits, hospital stays, health trackers, and more. By next year, according to an estimate from Stanford Medicine’s健康趋势报告,美国将有超过2,314个exabytes(Exabyte是一群兆字节)的数据。


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Key Benchmarks for Process Improvement & Success

Posted by88优德手版on 12/6/19 5:00 PM

What if you were the new coach of the team with the worst record in the NFL? How would you improve the organization’s performance? One approach might be to benchmark what’s working for the best teams in the league and use available assets to adapt your processes to what makes those other teams a success.

In healthcare, too, benchmarking can be a critical component in improving efficiency, quality of care, patient safety, and patient satisfaction.

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Succeeding With Data-Driven Healthcare

Posted by88优德手版on 12/5/19 12:15 PM

From overwhelming to manageable


But overwhelming becomes manageable when a practice remembers the principles that go into a good roadmap.

In spring 2012, at a time when Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were still far from universal, the journal Perspectives in Health Information Management published a学习examining how EHRs can impact practice workflows.

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Basic Principles That Could Transform Your Practice

Posted by88优德手版on 11/6/19 4:30 PM

Here’s a familiar script: Your practice delivers quality care. You attract more patients, perhaps more than you can easily handle. You’d love to call a timeout to decide how to better serve the patients you’ll be seeing tomorrow, but you’re just too busy serving the patients you’re seeing today.

该怎么办?你couldstop reading this and go chip away at any unfinished tasks. Or you could read on for a refresher on basic principles that could transform your practice.

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Leading the Fight Against Lung Cancer

Posted by88优德手版于10/30/19 12:00 PM


While every medical practice has distinctive characteristics — from its providers and location to the way it approaches daily workflows — the medical challenges that practices face do not vary all that much from place to place.

Every practice can benefit by emphasizing preventive care. And every practice can use some help in implementing IT solutions to reach at-risk patients.

Compass Medical, a 25-year-old primary care organization & an Accountable Care Organization in Southeastern Massachusetts, recognized that their 80,000-patient population faced the same problems seen anywhere else in the U.S. That’s why, following their March 2015 Go-Live with eClinicalWorks, Compass Medical took aim at one of the most widespread killers of all — lung cancer.

“We are a family-care driven organization focused on prevention and health management," said Dr. Dhrumil Shah, Chief Medical Information Officer.

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A Look Back at the 2019 National Conference

Posted by88优德手版on 10/24/19 2:36 PM


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Overnight Transformations Are Possible!

Posted by88优德手版10月20日下午4:07

Capture the power of#eCWNC19


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A Second Day of Learning and Celebration

Posted by88优德手版在10/19/19下午4点


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#eCWNC19 Is Almost Here!

Posted by88优德手版2019年10月16日下午4:37


我们生活在由手机,应用程序,电子邮件和谁 - 知道的数字化,全球化的世界 - 知道什么技术。然而,由于5000多人在奥兰多聚集在奥兰多2019年的2019年EclinicalWorks和Healow国家会议上,我们每个人都很高兴见到老朋友,分享我w88w88优德官网中文版们的经历,并进行新的联系。


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Posted by88优德手版on 5/30/19 8:00 AM

We're always looking for great stories for the全国会议We want to hear yours!

Big Sur is the lone health center that offers healthcare for a hundred miles of California coastline. In the winter of 2016-17, mudslides tore apart the environment – cutting off the community from the rest of the world.

The health center had no choice but to shut down. Close by in Monterey, Dr. Brita Breummer was able to use基于云的技术to access patients' Electronic Medical Records and charts through the eClinicalWorks EHR system.

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Posted byHeather Caouette2015年12月29日上午8:30

This past year has been an exciting one for eClinicalWorks! As shown in the accompanying infographic, we opened two new locations in 2015 – one in Austin and the other in London – which will broaden our ability to service customers both in the US and in Europe. We also began an expansion of our Westborough headquarters, and expect revenues to be around $400 million for 2015, showing significant growth from previous years.

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