A Partner for Reinventing Your Practice

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Meeting the Challenge of Vaccine Administration

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一旦COVID——的规模和严重性19 pandemic became clear in early 2020, talk began to focus on the challenges of developing vaccines. The past year has seen an unprecedented effort to develop and deploy safe and effective vaccines to control a virus that has now claimed 2.5 million lives worldwide — and more than 500,000 in the U.S. alone.

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How healow CHECK-IN™ is transforming healthcare

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Consumers turning to contactless methods for commerce

There are few things more personal and important to people than the relationships they have with their medical providers. But as central and important as the role that healthcare plays in our lives may be, medicine is subject to many of the same market forces as any other industry.

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January 29, 2021, is National Puzzle Day and even though finishing a jigsaw puzzle may be satisfying, solving unique problems specific to healthcare is another area worth celebrating.

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The Ongoing Fight Against Lung Cancer

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In 2018, lung cancer death rates in the United States fell to the lowest rate ever recorded —31%的下降自1991年的峰值。研究人员认为,这一成功的大部分是由于A.吸烟量较少in the country and better methods of screening and treating the disease.

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2020 w88w88优德官网中文版EclinicalWorks年度审查

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说2020年发生了很多,将是轻描淡写的。在这个博客中,我们想花一点时间专注于eclinicalWorksw88w88优德官网中文版®has changed over the last year and what we are looking forward to in 2021 and beyond.

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一个充满挑战的一年结束 - 未来的新机会

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All the elements for success are in place

The challenge of delivering quality healthcare during a global pandemic made 2020 an extraordinarily challenging time. The new year promises to be equally challenging, but perhaps in a more hopeful way. With vaccines against COVID-19 nearing approval and proven solutions for telehealth and contactless check-in in place, it’s a great time for medical practices to assess their next moves.

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On March 16, Internists Associates of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania closed their physical doors to the world. But that didn’t mean that the care ever stopped for the more than 8,000 patients who rely upon the practice.

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Reinventing Healthcare for a Brighter Future


从农村卫生中心到城市诊所,到处都是eclinicalWorksw88w88优德官网中文版®和健康®are helping practices reinvent themselves to face emerging challenges and provide quality care to patients.

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Show Me the Money Methods!

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How Telehealth, CCM, and Contactless Check-In Revitalized a Practice in Need

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Practices turning essential tools for sustainability

More than six months after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, the world continues to search for hope amid great loss. According to the WHO, some170 potential vaccinesare under development, with more than two dozen already in clinical trials.

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回到基础知识: Back to School




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It’s Your Practice — Dream Big!

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Remember, Project Kickstart is here to help

Once upon a time, you dreamed of medical school. You knew that would be hard to achieve. And it was. But you being you, there was alwaysanotherdream — that of opening your own medical practice.

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Finding ways to maximize safety for patients and healthcare staff is on everyone’s mind these days. At Internist Associates, a four-provider practice located in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, contactless check-in has been instrumental in enhancing safety for everyone giving and receiving care.

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